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Noel Davies

About This Project

Noel Davies joined the RAF in West Africa where he did his war service.


His father was from Sierra Leone, and mother from Nigeria. He was educated in both countries. Davies joined the Royal West African Air Corps and served in northern Nigeria and Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.


He had 10 months training before being sent to do active service. As an engineer, he worked on Spitfire fighter planes and Ventura and Lancaster bombers. Davies assembled and tested the aircraft. He remembers that white colonials in the military were in charge.


Davies went to Britain for the first time soon after the war, on extended service in the RAF. His experience, qualifications and “Oxford English” enabled him to become a successful engineer.


He got a good job working as an engineer for Morgan Crucible Works in south London. As an ex-serviceman, he joined the Royal British Legion and became vice-chair of the West Indian Association of Service Personnel (WASP).


Sierra Leone

Royal Air Force