Living Memorial | Jake Jacobs
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Jake Jacobs

About This Project

Jake Jacobs is a Trinidadian born war veteran, who left his homeland to serve the British in World War Two as an equipment assistant with the RAF at Burtonwood, in the suburbs of Warrington, Cheshire. When Jake first came to Britain, he attended school, which taught him more about British culture and history that he had learnt in school in Trinidad. This provided him with a greater knowledge of the country he would be defending in the war. Also while serving in the Britain, Jacobs entered into a romantic relationship with a young white English woman named Mary.


But once the war ended in 1945, he returned to Trinidad sadly leaving Mary behind and unsure of whether he would ever come back to the UK. On his arrival in his homeland, Jacobs found that there was high unemployment. He also felt out of place because, by then, he had become accustomed to the larger land of Britain. This made it difficult for him to resettle in Trinidad. It was around this time that Britain was inviting workers abroad to help rebuild the country after the devastation caused by Germany’s wartime bombing of the country.


After giving it some thought, Jake took the opportunity to return to Britain, where he then worked in telecommunications. While beginning his new life in Britain, Jacobs was reunited with Mary and later on they married. This caused some problems for them, as mixed race couples caused raised eyebrows and were not accepted in society at that time. When they looked for somewhere to live, Jake and Mary repeatedly received rejections from racist landlords. However, after a while they managed to find a home where they could live together. More than half a century later they are still married and still live in Britain.



Royal Air Force
Equipment assistant