Living Memorial | Our Team
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Our Team

Deborah Hobson was creative director and head of administration. She is deputy editor of and a freelance writer specialising in human interest, celebrity and lifestyle features. Hobson is also a Curator at Ohmy News International and a blogger on The Huffington Post.

Deborah Hobson

Creative Director and Administrator

Marc Wadsworth was project manager, film producer and director. He is a highly experienced journalist, broadcaster, published author and Editor of The-Latest.Com. As well as lecturing at universities and colleges, he is also a community trainer and mentor. He did his master’s degree in Contemporary British History at King’s College, London, achieving a distinction.

Marc Wadsworth

Producer and Director

Belgi Alidor did camera operating film archive research and editing, jobs he does professionally as the maker of documentaries and short films. He also helped design the website. Belgi is a keen fan of what he calls “tabloid television”, named after newspapers of the same genre.

Belgi Alidor

Filming and Editing

Jessica Brown did research and wrote the main text helped by Deborah. She is a graduate in international politics and sociology of City University, in London. Her dissertation on Second World War Caribbean veterans, including those featured in’s film Divided by Race, united in war and peace, got a first.

Jessica Brown

Research and Writing

Ethosheia Hylton did photography, camera operating, film archive research and editing. As well as being an actor, Ethosheia has made the films, 13 years a slave, Lia, Small World and Ackee and Saltfish. Currently, she is a BBC television production apprentice.

Ethosheia Hylton

Filming and Editing

Alan James did camera operating and film editing. He has made documentaries and short films, including music videos. He has worked on several professional productions, including abroad. Alan is an experienced and sought after director of photography.

Alan James

Filming and Editing

Audrey N’gba did archive research and photography. She is in her second year of studying journalism at the University of South Wales. Her hobby is photography. When she has graduated she would like to be a sports journalist specialising in football and athletics.

Audrey N'gba

Research and Photography

Marcus Ebanks did photography and camera operating. Before graduating, he studied photography at the University of West London. He is a keen portrait and fashion photographer who works part-time for a photographic studio.

Marcus Ebanks

Filming and Photography

Maxine Harrison wrote the profiles of the veterans helped by Marc. She is a second year student at the University of Brighton studying English and linguistics. Maxine writes music reviews for The Verse, her university newspaper. She wants to be a news reporter for a broadsheet paper when she has graduated.

Maxine Harrison

Research and Writing